After couple months of having my first blog, I’ve learned couple things to improve my blog, and help you improve yours!

Which tools were effective and which tools weren’t?

I believe that when you do a DIY, posting pictures of every step you do id really helpful for the reader same applies for videos and slideshows. Sharing posts on twitter with only the link is less likely to attract people to your blog, but if you change this by posting creative photos of your DYI in different social media platforms, there will be a lot of more traffic coming into your blog.

What would you want to improve or include within the blog?

One thing I need to improve is in the quality of my pictures, and also, be more creative in the way I present the pictures to my audience.

In what ways could the experience benefit you in the future?

Having a blog has shown my potential and my interest in DIY to all my family and friends and hopefully in a not so long future it will help me show my potential to job offers. Having a blog is like having an open window to your imagination, you can show the world, in your own way, what you are passionate about.

My most popular week was my first week; I got 150+ visitors in that week because I shared my posts in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. My most popular post was the Bar Cart Redo and I got 100+ visitors and the reason why this post was so popular is because I have never shared my DIY abilities with my friends, so when I shared it on Facebook everyone was really curious to see my project.


Bar Cart Redo



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