Wire Knot Ring

This is an easy wire knot ring DIY that will take you less than 5 minutes and the results is a gorgeous and fashionable ring !

Materials you will need: 


Pliers / cutter


For the wire, I used silver and gold 24-gauge wire because it is really flexible and it will allow you to give it any shape you want. Also for the pliers/cutter, I bought a kit Amazon that comes with all the pliers you will need. 


Step 1: 

cut two pieces of the same size of wire and fold in half and then you will cross the wires trying to create a knot. 


Step 2: 

You will wrap the wire around a marker trying to make the shape of the ring, then you will cut it to the desired size. 

Step 4:

When you cut the wire, you will fold the end of the wire so you don’t have any pointy wires that might cut you when wearing the ring.

 Voila! you have a knot ring!



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