Watercolor Cards

We all have that moment when we forget someone’s birthday or some type of special occasion and for this reason, I decided to create a DIY for watercolor cards!

Materials you will need:Material

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paint

Variety of brushes

Acrylic paint

Stamps and pencils

Cutting mat and scissor / cutter

Steps 1:

First,  you want to cut the watercolor paper to the desired size of the card. I cut mine 4 4in x 6in.

Step 2:

Now that you have your card, you will star by painting the design you want. I like to add water on the paper and then add the paint. This method helps the paint to spread freely.

Step 3:

After you achieve the design you want, you have to wait for the watercolor to dry completely before adding anything else on it. I like to dry mine with my hair dryer.


Step 4:

Now you can write anything you like! or you can also add acrylic/ ink to a clear stamp and just print it on the card!


I apologize for my writing, I’m still working on that!



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