DIY Bottle Glass Tray

DIY bottle glass tray


We all have an old tray in our kitchen that we do not use or like anymore. This is a DIY on how to create a new look for an old serving tray. With spring around the corner, I decided to create a turquoise tray with bright blue bottle glass.

Materials you will need:


Bottle glass


Tile adhesive



Paint Primer

Turquoise paint


Steps 1:

If you are using an old tray will need to repaint it. First, you will sand the tray, make sure to take a clean cloth and wipe off all the dust, then proceed to primer the tray and then paint it with your favorite color.


Step 2:

Add a thin coat of tile adhesive with a spatula; you don’t want to add too much adhesive because it might cover the bottle glass pieces all the way. After adding the thin coat of adhesive, place the bottle glass pieces in the shape you desire. Let it dry for 24 hours.

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Step 3:

Now that the glass pieces are glued to the tray, with a spatula, add the grout on top of the glass, make sure you get the edges of the tray. Once the entire tray is cover, wait 15 min and then with a clean sponge, clean the excess grout. Let it dry for 24 hours.

After it is completly dry, you will have a beautiful tray!



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