My Favorite Blog

As I mention before in my first post, I always wanted to have my own blog to inspire people to create art through do-it-yourself projects and after a lot of research and experimenting with all kinds of DIY projects, I started my own blog and soon I will create an Etsy shop.


Kate Riley Photo from Centsational Girl’s blog

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite blogs of all times Centsational Girl, a blog who inspires me every day to continue looking for different ways to be creative.


The writer Centsational Girl’s blog is Kate Riley; she is a renovator, decorator, and a do-it-yourselfer. I identify with her because our end goal is to bring affordable style to your home.

Kate’s blog is full of DIY projects from how to make a card to how to renovate your full kitchen.
Some of my favorite DIY projects from Centsational Girl are:
• $10 Cabinet Makeover: From an old and ugly looking cabinet to a new and chic cabinet and spending only $10!

DIY Gold Leaf Art: We all have fallen in love with super pricey art pieces that we can’t afford. For this DIY, Kate will create a look-a-like piece or art!

DIY Wood Cutting Boards: I found this DIY project really useful, we all need cutting boards and you can make one by just cutting and sanding a nice piece of wood!


Photo by Andrea Bolivar




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