After couple months of having my first blog, I’ve learned couple things to improve my blog, and help you improve yours!

Which tools were effective and which tools weren’t?

I believe that when you do a DIY, posting pictures of every step you do id really helpful for the reader same applies for videos and slideshows. Sharing posts on twitter with only the link is less likely to attract people to your blog, but if you change this by posting creative photos of your DYI in different social media platforms, there will be a lot of more traffic coming into your blog.

What would you want to improve or include within the blog?

One thing I need to improve is in the quality of my pictures, and also, be more creative in the way I present the pictures to my audience.

In what ways could the experience benefit you in the future?

Having a blog has shown my potential and my interest in DIY to all my family and friends and hopefully in a not so long future it will help me show my potential to job offers. Having a blog is like having an open window to your imagination, you can show the world, in your own way, what you are passionate about.

My most popular week was my first week; I got 150+ visitors in that week because I shared my posts in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. My most popular post was the Bar Cart Redo and I got 100+ visitors and the reason why this post was so popular is because I have never shared my DIY abilities with my friends, so when I shared it on Facebook everyone was really curious to see my project.


Bar Cart Redo



How to hang a Hammock

I grew up in a country where hammocks are an essential part when it comes to furniture. I got a hammock for  Christmas and with summer just around the corner; it was time for me to hang it up.

This is the first time I drilled into the wall, so I went to Home Depot Inc. seeking for some guidance on how to do it without hitting any electrical cables.



Drill and drill bits

Hooks ( Zinc-Plated Screw Hook 3/8 x 4-7/8 in)


Stud finder


Step 1:

The first step is to measure where exactly you want your hammock to be, and then you have to find the studs in the wall. I bought a stud finder that connects to my Smartphone, but honestly it didn’t work as I was expecting.

Step 2:

When you are certain you found the center of the stud, drill into the wall. I used a ¼” drill bit.


I was going to hang up the hammock from the ceiling, but I changed my mind.


Step 3:

Make sure you insert the hook all the way and its tight enough so the hammock doesn’t fall. I used a screwdriver to help me tight it.

Step 4: 

Now its time to make the knots in the rope. This was my first time tying a know so I had to find a YouTube video help me. If you need help with this step, here is the video I used How to tie a know. After you are done with the knots, make sure they are resistant and hang up your hammock!




Wire Knot Ring

This is an easy wire knot ring DIY that will take you less than 5 minutes and the results is a gorgeous and fashionable ring !

Materials you will need: 


Pliers / cutter


For the wire, I used silver and gold 24-gauge wire because it is really flexible and it will allow you to give it any shape you want. Also for the pliers/cutter, I bought a kit Amazon that comes with all the pliers you will need. 


Step 1: 

cut two pieces of the same size of wire and fold in half and then you will cross the wires trying to create a knot. 


Step 2: 

You will wrap the wire around a marker trying to make the shape of the ring, then you will cut it to the desired size. 

Step 4:

When you cut the wire, you will fold the end of the wire so you don’t have any pointy wires that might cut you when wearing the ring.

 Voila! you have a knot ring!



Watercolor Cards

We all have that moment when we forget someone’s birthday or some type of special occasion and for this reason, I decided to create a DIY for watercolor cards!

Materials you will need:Material

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paint

Variety of brushes

Acrylic paint

Stamps and pencils

Cutting mat and scissor / cutter

Steps 1:

First,  you want to cut the watercolor paper to the desired size of the card. I cut mine 4 4in x 6in.

Step 2:

Now that you have your card, you will star by painting the design you want. I like to add water on the paper and then add the paint. This method helps the paint to spread freely.

Step 3:

After you achieve the design you want, you have to wait for the watercolor to dry completely before adding anything else on it. I like to dry mine with my hair dryer.


Step 4:

Now you can write anything you like! or you can also add acrylic/ ink to a clear stamp and just print it on the card!


I apologize for my writing, I’m still working on that!



Getting started with the Art of Pyrography (wood burning)

For this week’s DIY, I decided to try something I’ve never done before, Pyrography. Pyrography is also known as wood burning, is the art of burning designs into wood and it is inexpensive and a fun way to add some fun into an old (or new) piece of wood.

The materials you will need:

A Solid Tip pen for beginners (Hot tool)

Any piece of wood, for this project I used an old cutting board.

Sandpaper (220 grits)

A pencil

Acrylic paint (if you want to add color to your designs)

I’m still learning how to burn the design into wood, so keep calm and wait for more wood burning projects!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




DIY Bottle Glass Tray

DIY bottle glass tray


We all have an old tray in our kitchen that we do not use or like anymore. This is a DIY on how to create a new look for an old serving tray. With spring around the corner, I decided to create a turquoise tray with bright blue bottle glass.

Materials you will need:


Bottle glass


Tile adhesive



Paint Primer

Turquoise paint


Steps 1:

If you are using an old tray will need to repaint it. First, you will sand the tray, make sure to take a clean cloth and wipe off all the dust, then proceed to primer the tray and then paint it with your favorite color.


Step 2:

Add a thin coat of tile adhesive with a spatula; you don’t want to add too much adhesive because it might cover the bottle glass pieces all the way. After adding the thin coat of adhesive, place the bottle glass pieces in the shape you desire. Let it dry for 24 hours.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step 3:

Now that the glass pieces are glued to the tray, with a spatula, add the grout on top of the glass, make sure you get the edges of the tray. Once the entire tray is cover, wait 15 min and then with a clean sponge, clean the excess grout. Let it dry for 24 hours.

After it is completly dry, you will have a beautiful tray!



Wood Stain (Table Redo)

After my Bar Cart Redo, I had a lot of friends asking to create something “cool” for them, so I did! I found this table on craigslist for $10 that needed some color and TLC (Tender loving Care). The previous owner used it as a flower table/stand but I decided to transform into a table bar.IMG_0910

What you will need:

Minwax PRE-Stain Wood Conditioner

Minwax wood Finish Penetrating Stain Espresso color # 273

Clear wood Finish Spray

brush or sponge

clean cloth

Sander and  fine grit sandpaper

rubber gloves and a mask

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